Myers and Chang

"A funky indie diner setting offering Chef/Owner Joanne Chang and Executive Chef Karen Akunowicz's very personal interpretation of Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Vietnamese specialties."
Joanne and Christopher met while working together at Rialto in Cambridge; Christopher was the GM and co-owner and Joanne was the pastry chef. Christopher's sweet tooth led him to the pastry station several times a day and a fast friendship quickly developed. It continued to grow after Christopher left Rialto to open first Radius, then Via Matta, then Great Bay, and Joanne moved to NYC to help open Payard Patisserie. She returned to Boston to open Flour and what had been a fun light-hearted friendship gradually morphed into something a bit more until one day, Christopher woke up and found that Joanne had moved in.
Every night she would make dinner, cooking what she grew up with: Taiwanese and Chinese classics taught to her by her mom and her aunt. To her it was perfectly normal to have rice and stirfries and greens and noodles 7 nights a week. Christopher kept waiting for a lasagna or a pot roast or a leg of lamb to show up on the dinner table but Joanne had never roasted a chicken or braised a short rib in her life. Christopher couldn't believe that one could eat Chinese food every night; Joanne couldn't believe that the take-out Chinese Christopher was used to eating was considered Chinese food.
They realized together that the Boston dining scene cried out for a fun, hip restaurant where you can enjoy fresh Asian dishes offered with warm friendly service in a funky indie diner setting. The foods that Joanne made every night coupled with the genuine hospitality and stylish decor that Christopher and his restaurants are known for was their recipe for Myers+Chang.
Myers+Chang is all about fresh product, exotic herbs, redolent spices. Alison Hearn served as opening executive chef to develop a menu that reflects Joanne and Christopher's personal interpretation of Chinese, Thai, and Vietamese specialties. Today that philosophy is carried on by Chef Karen Akunowicz, who works closely with Joanne and Christopher to offer creative and craveable dishes served by people passionate about great service and dedicated to having fun.